easy charging, synchronisation and maintenance of up to 16 devices


NoteSync can be integrated with NoteCart and NoteCase.


NoteSync can be fitted with an LCD display as an optional extra

NoteSync 2

Synchronisation, charging and maintenance of up to 16 devices simultaneously at lightning fast speed

NoteSync can synchronise, charge and maintain up to 16 USB devices simultaneously. Charging is done at max speed, ensuring fast charging and protection of device batteries. NoteSync can be integrated with NoteCart and NoteCase.

Synchronisation and maintenance
In addition to charging 16 devices, via NoteSync2 these can also be simultaneously connected to a single USB port on
a master device and be synchronised at the same time.

When 16 devise are connected to NoteSync2, you can, via the software (not included) perform synchronisation of all 16 devices simultaneously.

Because NoteSync2 uses the most recent and advanced technology, synchronisation is performed at the max
speed that USB 2.0 permits, through all 16 ports simultaneously. Meaning lightning fast synchronisation.

Maintenance and advanced operations
Different tablets with different operating systems do not use the same synchronisation software.
If you’re using iOS devices (iPad, iPad Mini etc.) we recommend using Apple Configurator or iTunes.

In general, all software that supports multiple devices can be used with NoteSync2.

NoteSync2s can be linked so that several devices work as one. For example, if you link 2 devices they will work as a single 32-port hub. You can connect any number of units.

OPTIONAL: Information panel
NoteSync2 can be equipped with an optional LCD panel. This provides information that allows you to track the charging process and will display whether the devices are synchronising.
Using the LCD panel allows you to “arm” one or more ports. This means that if an “armed” port is disconnected an alarm will sound.

Article no.: NSYNC2-16USB-S-SC

Additional information

Number of devices

up to 16 devices

Type of devices

Tablets, iPads, Mini tablets

Charging and/or synchronization

Charging and sync – USB, Charging via USB


Height: 75 mm
Length: 292 mm
Width: 106 mm
Weight: 2.25 kg
Display for NoteSync 2: NSYNC2-LCD-DISPLAY