NoteCart UniFit

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The NoteCart UniFit Series 16 is a mobile storage and charging solution for 12 to 32 devices.

  • Designed for storing, charging and transporting 12, 16, 24, 30 and 32 laptops, Chromebooks (17”) or similar devices.
  • Charging with maximum current via power panels as standard, which ensures fast charging and protection of batteries charged.
  • NoteCart Unifit is available in powder coated black color as standard and the matte surface has a structure (texture) that hide minor damage and scratches and preserves the new look.
  • The cart is sturdy and easy to transport on its rubber wheels, which have been thoroughly tested. Fixed legs can be fitted to the cart, whereby it functions as a cupboard.
  • Strong handles on the sides make it easy to push and move the cart.
  • The cart has a cable system which ensures that the cables do not disappear and that they are stored clutter-free.
  • The locks on the front and rear doors mean that devices are stored safely.
  • The permanently installed fan ensures that devices are charged without the temperature rising unnecessarily.

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