NoteCase Aarhus

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The NoteCase Aarhus Series is a robust portable storage and charging solution for 20 tablets.

  • Designed for storing, charging and carrying up to 20 tablets, iPads or similar devices.
  • The NoteCase is robust and easy to transport with wheels and a telescopic handle.
  • Handles on the sides and on the front make it easy to lift and move the NoteCase.
  • Charging with maximum current via power panels, USB-A or USB-C ports, which ensures fast charging and protection of batteries charged. Solutions for both charging and synchronization is standard as well.
  • The NoteCase has a cable management system which ensures cables do not get lost and are kept tidy.
  • Outer shell with integrated holes for padlock use makes it possible to lock the NoteCase and ensure that the devices are stored securely.
  • The ventilation holes on the door ensure that the devices do not overheat during charging.

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