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The NoteLocker Series is a storage and charging solution with 8 to 12 individual compartments.

  • Designed for storing and charging laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads, mobile phones and other devices in 8, 10 or 12 individual compartments.
  • Charging via 2 power sockets in each compartment on standard versions and possible add-on of USB-A or USB-C ports when required.
  • Various lock solutions from basic padlock and key solutions to advanced electronic lock solutions which offer storage management as well.
  • NoteLocker is available in powder coated black color as standard and the matte surface has a structure (texture) that hide minor damage and scratches and preserves the new look.
  • The base on the NoteLocker is designed with a cutout, so placement against a wall without removing the floor panel is possible.
  • For added safety, if somebody were to topple the NoteLocker, holes are designed into the back of the NoteLocker for attaching it to the wall if required.
  • To minimize possible personal injuries the doors on the NoteLockers are designed to fold back on themselves if somebody runs into them when they are in open position.
  • A copper component which is integrated in the design on each locker door ensures perfect electrical connection with the door and prevents possible electrical shocks.

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