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Do you need to transport devices between buildings, stories or more locations?

NoteCase is a particularly robust case with castors and telescopic handle with space to store and charge tablets and similar. NoteCase is suitable wherever you need an ultra-portable solution and to transport equipment between buildings, floors or perhaps several locations.

  • European design and development

  • Robust and tested through many years of real-world use

  • Easy to move around

  • Notecase is intended for smaller devices such as tablets.

  • Well-protected tablets

  • Safe to use

  • Charging and heat

  • Anti-theft measures

We have a wide range of different notecase solutions

European developed and designed product.

The product was developed in collaboration with schools

Robust and tested

We have emphasised that NoteCase must be a robust solution that can withstand being moved about a lot.

Easy to move around

The inbuilt castors and telescopic handle make it easy to move NoteCase around. If you need to carry the case, it is fitted with several strong grip handles.

NoteCase is intended for smaller devices such as tablets.

NoteCase is designed so that it fits most smaller devices such as tablets, tablets with keyboard etc.

Well-protected tablets

Through the use of a metal insert, foam and ABS plastic, we have created a case where your tablets are well-protected. By its nature, a case will be moved around a lot and therefore the design must protect devices optimally.

Safe to use

All our NoteCases comply with the most stringent safety requirements and European standards. So the case can be safely used in schools.

Charging and heat

By using aluminium casing for the power unit, where almost all the heat is generated, heat is effectively drawn away through the aluminium top plate. Avoiding destructive ripple charging as a consequence of the heat, which was hitherto almost impossible. The unique Airflow design and use of aluminium even permits charging with a closed lid.

Anti-theft measures

The case can be locked with a padlock and charging can be done with the lid closed and locked.

Things to consider when choosing a NoteCase

  • What type of devices will you store?

  • How many devices do you need to store?

  • Do your devices have covers?

  • Are their stairs in the building where notecase will be used?

  • Only need charging?

  • Do the devices also need to be synchronised?


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