Do you need to store devices in separate rooms with individual access?

NoteLocker series consist of stationary charging and storage lockers for laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, iPads and cell phones etc. NoteLocker comes with 8, 10 or 12 separate rooms, with each room containing a combination of either 2 power sockets or 1 power socket and 2 USB-A ports.

NoteLocker is amongst our most popular product series and has a long durability.

  • European design and development

  • Danish Design

  • Safe

  • Long lasting

  • Integrated power supply for charging

  • All locking systems

  • Lan as option

  • Special versions

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European design and development

European designed and developed product. Developed in collaboration with schools, public institutions and private businesses across the world.

Danish design

The NoteLocker series is designed in Denmark and available in black versions as standard.  Colored doors in various combinations with the black cabinet are available as well.

Notelocker Deckel


The NoteLocker has integrated 230V power panels which complies with the most stringent requirements and fulfils European standards.

The specially designed system integrated earthing in all hinges makes the NoteLocker series uniquely safe. We have focused strongly on design and safety during the development process so that schools, healthcare and public institutions and private businesses safely can use NoteLockers without fearing for pupils’ or employee’s safety.

That is why we have also chosen to document safety by having an external testing agency certify the lockers.


NoteLocker is made from tough zinc plated steel with a rustic surface. This means that small and unavoidable bumps are not noticeable and small scratches will not rust and proliferate – on the contrary. All this thanks to the zinc plating.

Notelocker Oberfläche

Integrated power supply for charging

Each space has 2 power outlets for charging devices in storage.

All locking systems

NoteLocker can be supplied with all possible locking systems. From the simple and popular twist grip handle suitable for padlocks to key locks and combination locks to advanced locking systems for RFID and Swipecard.

Notelocker sperren

USB-A ports and LAN as possible options

The NoteLocker can be supplied with USB-A ports and prepared for local area network cabling (LAN) as well.

Special versions

NoteLocker can be supplied as a tailored solution for larger projects.


Things to consider when choosing a NoteLocker

  • Will each student or employee need their own NoteLocker?

  • Can students or employees share access to the NoteLocker?

  • How can we fit the NoteLockers into our existing environment/rooms?

  • Are they safe for students/employees to use? Which locking system should we use?

  • Which locking system should we use?


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