Do you need cables for one or more of your devices?

The NoteCable Series is an all-round cable solution providing power cables to 99% of all new phones, tablets, laptops and similar devices on the market today.

  • Robust and tested

  • Safe to use

  • Intergrable in LEBA's storage solutions

  • Charging and synchronization

  • Well-suited to distributed solutions

  • Tablets and similar

  • LED lights for status

  • USB-A charging

  • USB-C charging

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Available for single purchase

NoteCable is available for single purchase as well as bundles for your devices. This benefit will ensure you will never lack NoteCables for your devices.

NoteCable is designed to fit into all of our product groups

Pre-designed bundles can be purchased as separate bundles or as bundles that are fitted into other Leba product groups. The latter solution ensures that Leba product groups can charge as soon as they are unpacked.

Pre-installed NoteCable bundles saves your time

Pre-installed NoteCables saves your valuable time and ensure that your Leba product can charge as soon as it is unpacked. As a rule of thumb, an experienced Leba employee will spend 3-4 minutes installing one cable in an average Leba product. In most cases, inexperienced people spend more time installing cables.


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