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Ambitlocker is ready for your lockers

AMBITLOCKER is easily installed on premises where there are many lockers, storage boxes, changing rooms etc. The shackle fits standard padlock handles or it can replace current cylinder-key system.

Ambitlocker is the future

– Achieve significant savings and improved user experience

Easy-to-use padlock. Individual pin code send directly to user. Master pin code for all padlocks. Central administration module communicating directly with padlocks. No need for keys or local support.

Padlocks easily installed on current lockers. Up to 10.000 padlocks per network. Long padlock battery life (5 years). Recycling system secures easy and cost-effective up- and down scaling of lockers.  Padlock and system provided on subscription conditions

Encrypted data on all serves, strong, certified padlock shackle. Overview of all your padlocks on your desktop

Why use Ambitlocker on your lockers?

Significant time savings. No time spend on issuing and managing padlocks, keys or pin codes. User self-onboarding AMBITLOCKER Booking portal.

Cost savings. No cost on replacing keys or cutting padlocks. Lower maintenance cost due to fewer maintenance visits. Users can pay through an integrated payment module when booking a locker.

Complete, overview of locker occupancy. Lockers out-of-order are easily identified, and new pin-code can be pushed securing a higher utilization of lockers.

Improved user-satisfaction. Immediate access to locker via pin-code. No time spend on buying padlocks. No waiting time on emergency opening or maintenance

Ambitlocker specifications

Body Aluminium and fiber-reinforced composite

Padlock weight 177g / 6.24oz / .39lbs

Compatibility Mobile-friendly browser-based portal

Shackle 7 mm hardened chrome-plated steel shackle

Battery 5-year guarantee. Battery type CR 123A

Communication LoRa technology

Certifications CE (EN16864)

Operating temperature 41ºf to 122ºf / +5ºc to 50ºc

Security End-to-end encrypted data


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