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NoteCart Tablet 30

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NoteCart Tablet 30 is a small mobile storage and charging solution for 30 tablets

NoteCart Tablet 30 is a small mobile compact and only 30 kg light cabinet for storing and charging iPads and tablets. The 4 wheels on the NoteCart Tablet 30 have been carefully selected to complement the rest of the robust design so that the NoteCart rolls easily, regardless of weight of the many devices and the type of floor under the mobile cabinet.


NoteCart Tablet

During operation, all chargers are stored and locked at the back of the cabinet so that only the person in charge of IT has access to them. A secure cable management system ensures that the cables always stay in the cabinet once they have been installed. The NoteCart Tablet 30 is the perfectly designed mobile charging cart securing iPads and tablets to be charged and stored in a safe and easy way leaving them ready for efficient daily teaching in modern schools.

Moving at scale

The NoteCart Tablet 30 is designed to store 30 pcs of 11” iPads or tablets horizontally in a way where devices are easily placed on individually shelves and easily connected to charging cables. The NoteCart Tablet 30 is designed to be easy to move around with special rubber wheels which are selected after many and long attempts at all kinds of floors. The wheels are provided with ball bearings leading to absolute minimum friction and two of the four wheels are provided with a powerful brake.

3-point key lock security

The NoteCart Tablet 30 is designed with a 3-point key locking system on the front door, which is locking at the top, the bottom and in the center of the front door. An additional and different type key lock on the rear door means that both devices and chargers are stored safely.

Why Leba Products?

Secure & Flexible Storage

The NoteCart Tablet 30 holds a weight of 30 kg and is designed with an ergonomically developed handle and front doors which open 270 degrees.

Fast Charging Tailored to Your Devices

The NoteCart Tablet 30 is designed with 30 USB-A charging ports and active fan ventilation in its standard configuration. This configuration can be modified to include either 30 USB-A charging & synchronization ports or 30 USB-C charging ports.

Solid Investment

Our NoteCart Tablet are robust and high-quality products with a timeless design that will last for many years and guarantee that our storage solutions surpass the service life of your devices. Our choice of material is selected for use in most industries.

Secure charging

The NoteCart Tablet is designed to be easy and safe to use in all environments where it can be used. Every classroom is different, and the sockets are often in different places. For this reason, the main power cable on the NoteCart tablet is positioned so that the sockets can be quickly reached. It is designed so that additional cables can easily be attached to the side of the cart.

Leba Innovation present

NoteCart Tablet 30

Every classroom and institution is different. Therefore, we gladly advise you on which storage solution best suits your unique needs. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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